what is the layout How to read baccarat card layout PART 1

Online gambling games or online casinos Became a popular trend in the 2021 era that all gamblers like to go on the field to gamble with each other, especially in baccarat that is easy to play and the most popular, although baccarat online It’s an easy game to play, but many people tend to be field pigs. waste your money Most of the reasons are due to lack of knowledge and experience. can’t read

Baccarat card layout, this article, how to read the card layout of Baccarat To turn a field pig into a master. Let’s leave each other.

What is the card layout?

For him or some people call it a card in the game of Baccarat, it’s easy to say, it’s reading the pattern of the cards. To help us calculate what the next game will look like more easily. Most of which will come as a formula to facilitate the actual use. Because playing baccarat in online casinos has a limited time, calculating or counting difficult cards will not be possible if we are not skilled enough.

Popular 8 types of success formulas How to read Baccarat card layout

  • Dragon card

    layout Dragon card layout means the cards that win either side several times in a row, if the red side is drawn, it will be called “red dragon”, if the blue side will call “Blue Dragon”

    Description / How to Play

    Cards in the 9th column draw 9 “Blue Dragons” and the cards in the 14th column draw 11 “Red Dragons”. If the player finds a “Dragon” card, play according to “Dragon”. If was given to continue Until the dragon falls out

    • Ping-Pong card layout.

    Table tennis card layout refers to the cards that win alternately back and forth several times, such as red/blue/red/blue/red/blue, etc.

    Description / How to play the

    cards in column 12 to column 19 are issued “Ping-Pong”. 8 numbers. If a player finds a card “Ping-Pong”, play according to “Ping-Pong”, if correct, continue to follow. Until the dragon falls out