What types of slot games are there today? PART 2

• Progressive Slot: is a slot with jackpot prizes. by playing this type of slots It’s not just, us playing alone. but will link to others who play this game as well as us which when people play this game The jackpot money will increase according to the number of people who come to play. The more people play, the greater the jackpot amount. Until a lucky person breaks the jackpot to receive the winnings

successfully but for the most part, the condition of this game is that you have to play with the highest pay lines available. and then set the highest coin to have a chance to win this jackpot money.

• 3D Slot: is a new online slot game. There will be an additional 3D motion picture. Each game has a scene and plot. different Make players feel excited as well. Each slot game has its own specialties, including amazing sounds, themes and effects. It is considered a new experience for playing slots, where 3D games are another type of slot games. Very interesting and attractive

• iSlot : is the newest type of online slots. That has been developed to be able to play on mobile and tablet. The nature of the iSLOT slot game is to be designed to Played exclusively on mobile devices, most have 15 lines, 5 reels as they will fit the size of your phone screen. It is a type of slot game that

is quite popular right now. Because most online slots players Turn to play on mobile phones up to 80% of the total number of players.

which slot games that are produced for gamblers to play It will be produced from one of the 8 patterns that we presented above. Each style has its advantages, disadvantages, and difficulty. So, you like to play any type of slots, you have to choose a game that is that format to play.